Welcome to city cycling in Rhine District! Joining in any time possible between June 5th to 25th!


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Riddle rally culture & history Neuss 4 km
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Healthy exercise for our climate - pedaling together for our city: We collect our climate-friendly bike KM on the internet to emphasize the impact of cycling for all of us. Young and old on the bike - in the city forest, park or residential area: cycling is being (re)discovered.  

Register and gowww.stadtradeln.de/neuss   List of all cities in Rhine District Neuss see below.

June 5th to 25th, entry and km contributions still possible and welcome!

Every bicycle KM counts, privately or jobwise: leisure time, for sport, shopping, for school or work, alone or with family or small group. Please note the distance rules!

Everyone living, working or attending school in Rhine district area RKN: Dormagen, Grevenbroich, Kaarst, Korschenbroich, Jüchen, Meerbusch, Neuss and Rommerskirchen are taking part.

Register on stadtradeln.de, log in, then join a team or create your own team: with colleagues, friends from school, neighborhood,your religious, sports or volunteer community, the gym  ...

Hop on the bike and start cycling
, then note your KM collected for your community in the internet:
Dormagen: www.stadtradeln.de/dormagen
Grevenbroich:  www.stadtradeln.de/grevenbroich
Kaarst:  www.stadtradeln.de/kaarst
Korschenbroich:  www.stadtradeln.de/korschenbroich    
Jüchen:  www.stadtradeln.de/jüchen
Meerbusch:  www.stadtradeln.de/meerbusch
Neuss:  www.stadtradeln.de/neuss
Rommerskirchen:  www.stadtradeln.de/rommerskirchen

Safe ride!
Impressions of City Cycling 2019 , Radio station News 89.4

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